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Ready to Live Out God's Purpose for Your Marriage and Business?
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Challenge Starting Oct. 12th...
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Are you a Kingdom couple looking to live out God's purpose for your marriage and business? 

Want to overcome setbacks and disappointmentsidentify your purpose, gain growth, impact, and joy and in turn improve your business and marriage? Are you ready to walk in purpose?

Join Alysia and Ryan for the FREE 5 Day Acts 18 Challenge

Time Sensitive: This FREE 5 day LIVE and highly-interactive challenge will help you learn how to live out God's purpose for your marriage and business...
Discover the blueprint Alysia and Ryan have used to transform their marriage and business partnership...the same blueprint that will help you clarify God's purpose for your marriage and business.

Gain The Clarity You Want and The Tools You Need to Thrive in Your Marriage and Business.

Let's overcome the issues between you and discover what God wants to do through you and your marriage. You were partnered for a purpose!
Meet Your Hosts, Ryan and Alysia Gilliam

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Our Story...

We started our first small business together in early 2010 at the age of 25 with $10,000 and a lot of faith. Over the last 10 years, as a team we’ve created numerous jobs for our community and generated over ten million dollars in revenue. While we’ve experienced a lot of success, it has not come without its difficulties and putting a tremendous amount of stress on our marriage and growing family. 

The realities of being an entrepreneur are difficult enough without the added component of trying to preserve a marriage at the same time. Our vows of “for better or worse” were tested early and often as we were navigating the complexities of running a business together. We had disagreements, trouble communicating, and at times felt disconnected. The stressors of our dual relationship took a toll on us, our family, and effected our business. There were so many times that we almost gave up. 

However, we knew there had to be a better way. Our marriage and family needed to come first. Through Godly counsel and professional help we went on a journey of re-building our foundation all while keeping God at the center. We implemented tools and strategies that transformed our marriage and how we approached our partnership in business.  We truly believe we are "better together" and that through our marriage and business we can fulfill God's purpose for our lives.

 Although it has not been easy, we are proof that married couples can successfully run a business together and have a fulfilling marriage at the same time. It is our mission to help other couples thrive in their relationships and their business.
  • Ryan & Alysia Gilliam, Co-Founders of Partnered in Purpose, are Marriage Mentors & Business Coaches
  • Married for almost 13 years and have 3 children together
  • Alysia Gilliam is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst & has over a decade of experience helping people make meaningful changes in their lives
  • Ryan Gilliam is an award-winning entrepreneur, results-driven keynote speaker, and the author of the Cost of Greatness
What Our Clients Are Saying...
"Ryan and Alysia provide sound practical advice to help us balance entrepreneurship and home life. They gave us the knowledge and connected us with resources to make educated decisions on starting and growing our business. Here we are over 5 years in business and nearly 12 years marriage thriving and it’s all due to the support and encouragement of our business mentors, Ryan and Alysia." - ReShawndia Mitchell, Mitchell Learning Academy
"Ryan and Alysia showed us multiple ways to communicate effectively, how to not follow your way but Gods way, and most importantly stay in your yard. I noticed how I would sometimes answer for her or ask and answer questions without allowing her to speak but being able to utilize the techniques they taught us was amazing. Being able to look back at the materials is key because you don't want to forget what you learned and you want to practice until its permanent." - Marriage Coaching Client

"Before attending premarital counseling, we had participated in various sessions of couple’s counseling with no true success in attaining tools to improve our relationship. After our very first premarital session with Alysia and Ryan, we knew that wasn’t going to be the case. They provided us with background, fundamentals, relatable examples and most importantly strategies to improve our communication. Till this day, my husband and I are constantly using the various techniques we have gained from our sessions. With them, you get interactive coaching, you get transparency, you get conflict-resolution skills. Not only were we able to identify our roles within our marriage but also within ourselves. We are truly grateful that we chose them! We can confidently say we entered our marriage with a stronger foundation than we could have imagined!" - Marriage Coaching Client
"Ryan and Alysia have been instrumental in my company’s growth. I would not be where I am today without their mentor ship, wisdom and support! They are a true gift to me and my company!" - Lisa Fields, Jude 3 Project 


5 Days of Daily Live Interactive Training Via Zoom and A Private Facebook Group: ​60 minutes of Daily Live Training From Ryan and Alysia Gilliam. 

Dates: October 12th-16th. Live Trainings start at 12:30pm EST

Recordings will be available in the FB group. These are the same trainings you that will be in our signature program that will retail for $2,000.00. You get to experience this training live for FREE.

Here's What We Will Cover Each Day:
Day 1: Teachability
Day 2: Attitude Adjustment
Day 3: Finding Your Purpose
Day 4: Accepting Accountability
Day 5: Living in Our Purpose

In 5 Days, get a renewed mindset, gain the clarity you want and the tools you need to take action and live out God's purpose for your life.


 The Acts 18 Challenge Workbook: 
A workbook for taking notes, and completing the daily assignments that will allow you to gain understanding and apply the tools & strategies that will be taught in the course


And Of Course We Have Some Giveaways, Special Surprises & More Bonuses We Will Be Sharing Along the Way...

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Are you ready to thrive in your marriage and business? 
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